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Working in Cairns, recruitment agencies and employment assistance for Cairns residents and visitors.

Cairns Jobs

Welcome to Cairns!

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This website is designed to provide information for visitors to Cairns seeking employment in the region. We provide a list of all local recruitment agencies, an introduction to the Cairns lifestyle, and a rundown of just some of the many industries available to Cairns job-seekers.

If you are a Cairns local, you might be interested in our working overseas section, which profiles two companies that organise UK jobs for Australian residents.

If there is anything you’d like to see on the Cairns Jobs website, feel free to email us — we appreciate your feedback!

To get started, have a read through Working in Cairns.

Cairns Jobs — Employment opportunities in Far North Queensland, Australia

For job-specific enquiries, please contact one of the recruitment agencies listed on Cairns Jobs.